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The Monroe City Public Library

Reserve the Community Room

How do I reserve the community room?

Call the circulation desk for reservations or stop in.

When not in use for library functions, qualified organizations, groups, city officials, or citizens may use the meeting room of the Monroe City Public Library in accordance with rules as established by the Board of Trustees of the Monroe City Public Library.  The rules are as follows:

  • The meeting room will be available to civic, cultural and educational organizations and clubs at no charge.
  • For safety concerns there will be a maximum occupancy of 25 for the meeting room.
  • There will be a $50.00 charge for any group using it for commercial or social purposes.
  • Reservations shall be made with the librarian preferable a week or more in advance of use. The meeting room will be assigned to groups in order of receipt of application.  The library retains the right to cancel a reservation when the meeting room is needed for library functions, but in any such case, at least 24 hour’s notice will be given.
  • The name of the organization, the person in charge with his or her address and telephone number, the approximate size of the group and the date and hour must be given in making a reservation.
  • Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the rooms or contents and must pay for replacement or repair. Use of the meeting room includes use of kitchen facilities and the public restrooms.  All rooms must be left neat and clean or the group will be charged for necessary cleaning and will be denied further use of the area.  Responsibility falls upon the requestor or the representative of the requesting organization to make certain the group is aware of and abides by these regulations.
  • Neither the name nor address of the Monroe City Public Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any group.
  • Allowing a group to use the meeting room does not imply any endorsement of the group’s goals, policies or activities.
  • Minors may not reserve the meeting room, nor can they serve as sponsors.
  • There should be at least one adult sponsor for every ten children utilizing the room.
  • The Library Director may request that the Board of Library Trustees review applications for room use as he/she deems appropriate
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to withhold permission or revoke permission previously granted if the anticipated meeting is likely to be unreasonably disruptive to regular library functions, too large for the room capacity, disorderly, dangerous to persons or property, infringes on the public convenience or is in any other way inconsistent with or in contravention of any of the terms and conditions of this policy. In determining whether such a likelihood exists, the Board of Library Trustees and/or the Library Director may take into consideration the contents of the application form, the history of the group’s meeting room use in the library, the history of the group’s use of meeting facilities elsewhere and such other information as they may deem appropriate.




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